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Michael Finch
Executive Sales Operations

Matt Henry
Executive Sales Operations

william boyd
Legal & External Affairs

We always put our efforts to understand the needs of our Customers & Partners which helps us to develop solutions to speed up interconnections and manage the different products.

VOIP Product Line and Services:

  •  Voice Termination
  •  Grey and White CLI
  •  AtoZ Wholesale
  •  SMS Wholesale

NsConnection is a business built on integrity and hard-working values.We Say Yes, customer is always right and that hard work is the strength of ours. 3 Dimension Support &Service is our business we speak all languages, apartfrom these, We ensure highest quality of service, we maintain a state of the art network and portfolio of highly qualified professionals in management and technical competencies. We are committed to be the premier business partner in all aspects.

Asia Zone:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Syria, Egypt, Myanmar, Uzbekistan.

Africa Zone:
Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Chad, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Gabon, Gambia, Morocco, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Togo, Tanzania, Zambia, Libya.

Europe Zone:
Germany, Italy, Poland, Chez Republic, Norway, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, UK.

NsConnection LLC is a privately held facilities-based Voice over IP carrier of United States. We have dedicated our focus on building a reliable VoIP network, capable of providing wholesale services to high volume customers. After years of working for and with carrier’s providing enterprise and wholesale solutions, we were determined that there had to be a more effective way. There seemed to be entirely too much red tape and rigidity in the carrier space. Finding a carrier that was nimble enough to get things done quickly and correctly, seemed to be an insurmountable challenge. For businesses just starting out, there were unrealistic minimums and term commitments that made it very difficult for them to get quality service at a fair rate. Managing multiple carrier relationships is challenging, at best. We’ve sat in your seat and understand your challenges. In short, we felt certain we could do what they do, only better! That is our primary goal. Excellent service, fair price!